Response of Danger in Video Games (Week 11)

The reason I brought here is the danger of the video games that put them in vanish history of gaming center.

First, video games had the huge amount of system which had the ability to store the data that was currently save for the past few years but cannot transfer to the newest system. Because the generation of gaming were evolving during the process so any past sequel were missing at the moment. Game development should recommend to make the reboot to reinforce the sequel that they previous done. Example: Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver is the previous generations in 1999 while Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver is the newest remade of Gold and Silver which added new content for players to enjoys.

Next, some games were created yet cancelled before it released. Game developers could had face some problems where the games project may be so difficult to make because of the failing system or there was a limited data to create a new game for the higher definition. However, it was not easy to create a great games as players want games to be innovative. Therefore, game developers need more time to make a good innovative game, but sometimes it was not necessary to be the case.

Finally, any video games can be one of their fans for them to keep. Fans love the game franchise because game developer create the game need to record as history to allow players to find out more about the games they never heard of. So don’t go waste on the games that were cancelled as game developers use more time and work to make game for players to enjoy.



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