“What is Match 3 games and how it’s get addictive?” (Essay Outline)


Match 3 is an easy matching game genre for people of all ages.

It was a popular game genre and earn more money.

Match 3 games can get players addicted so easily.

Thesis Statement: Players will get addicted to match 3 games.



Same Game Mechanics but different Match 3 games

Most match 3 games using similar game mechanics.

Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga have the same game mechanics as Bejeweled, but replaced the pieces with candies or fruits.

Game Designer can copy the match 3 mechanics to create a different game from the main concept.

Tumblebugs is the match 3 ball shooters; the concept is 95% similar from Zuma.


Easy and Simple Game Mechanics

Connecting pieces of the board.

Bejeweled is the basic match 3 game.

Different way of match 3 games.

Matching tile, rotate pieces, bubble shooter, and more.

Games Example: Candy Crush, Zuma, Chuzzle, Jewel Quest, Cookie Jam and more.

Basic simple rules to learn.

Match 3 pieces or more to remove the matching pieces earn points.


Match 3 games get easily addictive.

Make players want to play more challenging levels.

Creator of Candy Crush want players to keep playing by update more levels every 2 weeks.

It became the social games.

Players may connect to facebook for compete other players.

Match 3 game of visual effects can affect the brain.

Candy Crush has some achievement for players who experienced which the brain releasing the neurochemical dopamine and tapping into the same neuro-circuitry causing addiction toward people.


Evidence proof that it does not get addictive.

Match 3 game can improve IQ.

Players use knowledge, memory, spatial imagery, logic and problem solving skills by learning how to overcome challenges.

Puzzle & Dragons is a Match 3 action game that swipe the pieces to match it in short limited time to achieve as much damage to attack the enemies.

It also improves problem solving.

Match 3 game has a goal to solve the solution, matching puzzle can help to improve the critical thinking ability of an individual.

Bejeweled Blitz is another spin-off Bejeweled game which need to rotate 4 pieces to match, allow players to think how make the piece’s match with different way.



It’s impossible to get players addicted to match 3 games.

In the simple game mechanics of match 3 games can improve players IQ and critical thinking.

It’s unknown on how visual and graphics can get players addictive to match 3 games.


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