The fact of “No Man’s Sky” (Week 10)

On this blog, it was explained that “No Man’s Sky” is a sci-fi version of ‘Minecraft’. Players are free to enjoy what they want to explore the galaxy world.

“No Man’s Sky” is a great sandbox game where players can examine the space station, use different weapons, and discover mystery creature on different plants. Nowadays, like Space Invaders or any sci-fi theme are all focus on space shooter games. People were tried on space shooter games because of the focus on the game space based on the rule-base. So they want to try the sci-fi game in exploration experience.

The environment are pretty good which give the players feel the imaginary world of how the sci-fi fantasy world is. Players want to experience on what they like to explore and to achieve their need. Personally, I believe that “No Man’s Sky” give the players the new experience of the sci-fi genre. Game designer did their good job on the new beautiful graphics and the experience of the different sci-fi game mechanics.

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