Game Story Disappointment (Week 9)

I want to talk why people want to buy the game with shorter time of game play. People were disappointing about the game story was too short, take around 3 – 4 hours to finish. Do we really want to paid a lot of money to buy the game with less game play just to satisfy our excitement?

Just to clarify, to price of the video games depend on the type of play style. For example, the adventure mode will take about 2 – 10 hours of game play. RPG will take 1 – 2 weeks to finish. Online multiplayer games can be endless time of game play. However, some game modes can be intermix each other. The price should be less for adventure games because game programmers usually take a weeks to create the game for purchase. Despite the genre from story or movie, they should take the minimum price for their video game if the duration of the game was short or perhaps free of charge if the game play was very short.

Lastly, for those who complaint about the games were bad, it was not necessary to say that. Because, game programmers need to take more time to figure out how they able to function the video game. However, maybe some game programmers had lack some details which players are not satisfied but that doesn’t mean that they should work more concept of manipulate from the story and movie. People nowadays are tried of reading the books, so video games are another option for them to enjoy. I suggest any positive feedback should help game programmers to improve the system of video game that reflect the story they wanted.

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