Opinion on creator of C&C: Red Alert 3 Expansion (Week 7)

After hearing on Tone Episode 10, I was thinking about the game that I played before called: C&C: Red Alert 3: Uprising.

The creator did the job well for adding the origin of psychic commando story, because as many Red Alert 3 fans who had play the original game, want to know how does it happen and why they create a character that join the Empire army. For the creator of the C&C: Red Alert 3 like Amir Rao, want to expand the progress of the upcoming game of Red Alert 3: Uprising as to allow the fan to understand the origin of psychic commando.

This bring those players, including me who play C&C Red Alert series love to find out the mystery of the expansion story. More story of the campaign brings the players  more excited to know how this goes. However, the important core of this game is RTS game, creator should focus on the core game where players more concentrate on build and conquer style of game play, not just RPG style.

In conclusion, creators adding extra features of the game is an optional choice where players want to see some new content if they were interested. This also give bonus to anyone who had play  C&C: Red Alert 3: Uprising.


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