“What is Match 3 games and how it’s get addictive?” (Essay Outline)


Match 3 is an easy matching game genre for people of all ages.

It was a popular game genre and earn more money.

Match 3 games can get players addicted so easily.

Thesis Statement: Players will get addicted to match 3 games.



Same Game Mechanics but different Match 3 games

Most match 3 games using similar game mechanics.

Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga have the same game mechanics as Bejeweled, but replaced the pieces with candies or fruits.

Game Designer can copy the match 3 mechanics to create a different game from the main concept.

Tumblebugs is the match 3 ball shooters; the concept is 95% similar from Zuma.


Easy and Simple Game Mechanics

Connecting pieces of the board.

Bejeweled is the basic match 3 game.

Different way of match 3 games.

Matching tile, rotate pieces, bubble shooter, and more.

Games Example: Candy Crush, Zuma, Chuzzle, Jewel Quest, Cookie Jam and more.

Basic simple rules to learn.

Match 3 pieces or more to remove the matching pieces earn points.


Match 3 games get easily addictive.

Make players want to play more challenging levels.

Creator of Candy Crush want players to keep playing by update more levels every 2 weeks.

It became the social games.

Players may connect to facebook for compete other players.

Match 3 game of visual effects can affect the brain.

Candy Crush has some achievement for players who experienced which the brain releasing the neurochemical dopamine and tapping into the same neuro-circuitry causing addiction toward people.


Evidence proof that it does not get addictive.

Match 3 game can improve IQ.

Players use knowledge, memory, spatial imagery, logic and problem solving skills by learning how to overcome challenges.

Puzzle & Dragons is a Match 3 action game that swipe the pieces to match it in short limited time to achieve as much damage to attack the enemies.

It also improves problem solving.

Match 3 game has a goal to solve the solution, matching puzzle can help to improve the critical thinking ability of an individual.

Bejeweled Blitz is another spin-off Bejeweled game which need to rotate 4 pieces to match, allow players to think how make the piece’s match with different way.



It’s impossible to get players addicted to match 3 games.

In the simple game mechanics of match 3 games can improve players IQ and critical thinking.

It’s unknown on how visual and graphics can get players addictive to match 3 games.



The fact of “No Man’s Sky” (Week 10)


On this blog, it was explained that “No Man’s Sky” is a sci-fi version of ‘Minecraft’. Players are free to enjoy what they want to explore the galaxy world.

“No Man’s Sky” is a great sandbox game where players can examine the space station, use different weapons, and discover mystery creature on different plants. Nowadays, like Space Invaders or any sci-fi theme are all focus on space shooter games. People were tried on space shooter games because of the focus on the game space based on the rule-base. So they want to try the sci-fi game in exploration experience.

The environment are pretty good which give the players feel the imaginary world of how the sci-fi fantasy world is. Players want to experience on what they like to explore and to achieve their need. Personally, I believe that “No Man’s Sky” give the players the new experience of the sci-fi genre. Game designer did their good job on the new beautiful graphics and the experience of the different sci-fi game mechanics.

Game Story Disappointment (Week 9)


I want to talk why people want to buy the game with shorter time of game play. People were disappointing about the game story was too short, take around 3 – 4 hours to finish. Do we really want to paid a lot of money to buy the game with less game play just to satisfy our excitement?

Just to clarify, to price of the video games depend on the type of play style. For example, the adventure mode will take about 2 – 10 hours of game play. RPG will take 1 – 2 weeks to finish. Online multiplayer games can be endless time of game play. However, some game modes can be intermix each other. The price should be less for adventure games because game programmers usually take a weeks to create the game for purchase. Despite the genre from story or movie, they should take the minimum price for their video game if the duration of the game was short or perhaps free of charge if the game play was very short.

Lastly, for those who complaint about the games were bad, it was not necessary to say that. Because, game programmers need to take more time to figure out how they able to function the video game. However, maybe some game programmers had lack some details which players are not satisfied but that doesn’t mean that they should work more concept of manipulate from the story and movie. People nowadays are tried of reading the books, so video games are another option for them to enjoy. I suggest any positive feedback should help game programmers to improve the system of video game that reflect the story they wanted.

Boring Video Games??? (Week 8)


I have read about the article about “Video Games are Boring”. I realize there are some conditions where person talking his friends about video games.

First of all, games doesn’t necessary to be boring. Players willing to play or not, it’s depend on the video game itself. Some video games which are short can be boring while other can bring the players what they want to play. Game designer can tell them about the concept of the game where people love it.

Secondly, people should not discourage the game designer. As a game designer, they need to understand the importance of video games. It’s bring people for entertainment and also excitement. For example, when we play ‘Overwatch’, we love how we getting excited on the character we played because they are fun.

Even those people who hate video games started to approach the video games more often. But sometimes, it was very difficult to think on what they actually love to play? However, there are some missing parts where players realize that they love to play video games doesn’t feel that reaction on how good the graphics are. Graphics is the best part to reflect the players for more attraction.

Lastly, I would say that they need to have the experience they care about based on what they love from movies and books. Create a good video game are very important to catch their fans attention and the experience on what they really want. To anyone, video games are not boring at all.

Opinion on creator of C&C: Red Alert 3 Expansion (Week 7)

After hearing on Tone Episode 10, I was thinking about the game that I played before called: C&C: Red Alert 3: Uprising.

The creator did the job well for adding the origin of psychic commando story, because as many Red Alert 3 fans who had play the original game, want to know how does it happen and why they create a character that join the Empire army. For the creator of the C&C: Red Alert 3 like Amir Rao, want to expand the progress of the upcoming game of Red Alert 3: Uprising as to allow the fan to understand the origin of psychic commando.

This bring those players, including me who play C&C Red Alert series love to find out the mystery of the expansion story. More story of the campaign brings the players  more excited to know how this goes. However, the important core of this game is RTS game, creator should focus on the core game where players more concentrate on build and conquer style of game play, not just RPG style.

In conclusion, creators adding extra features of the game is an optional choice where players want to see some new content if they were interested. This also give bonus to anyone who had play  C&C: Red Alert 3: Uprising.