Is Super Mario Maker make a horrible game? (Week 6)

Super Mario franchise is a fascinating game for 30 years. Every people loves this iconic red plumber saving princess from Mushroom Kingdom. And Super Mario Maker gave the players to create your own levels and play it as much as they love. Whatever is from simple range to impossible levels. There was fun to enjoy the game.

When I read this blog, I was curious about the worst part of the Super Mario Maker from The Washington Post by Micheal Thomsen. He talked about the bad comedy and the worst creation of the game. He also demanded that “Super Mario Maker”engine for circulating bad ideas and broken gimmicks of the game system.

As for my opinion, Super Mario Maker is the best sandbox games for the Mario fans. Everybody love to try more creative levels for the players to try. It gave them a great challenge for players to try. I don’t think is the worst creation of the game. Creator wanted to try something new for players to experience on. The mechanics of sandbox style level creations and testing the new levels is the best choice for Mario fans to dream of created their own Mario levels. Do you think Super Mario Maker is the worst game compared to several ‘Super Mario Bros’ games?


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