Game brighten up the storytelling. (Week 5)

Story are the tales of imagination for interesting viewers to enjoy. However,  I felt nowadays few people were boring to read millions and millions of text under 100, 150 or 200 or more pages to read the complete story.While, game developers working on to develop their own video game, some decide create a game which based on the story they heard of. The developers did the job done to manipulate the idea of how they worked, or create their own story based on their idea. However, it was a hard work and more time to figure out the video game based on their story idea.

The Art of Machphrasis: Stories Inspired by Video Games | Medium

Based on the research from this blog, it turns out that the good game come up with a good story. To my opinion, a good story writer need to come up with the full complete circle. Game developers need to get the attention of the readers and show interest of their favorite story. To fulfill readers imagination, few games were created either refresh the new idea or create an entire new story for the fan who interest and enjoy the game.

So how would you able to make a game based on the new story?  Well, good writers must come up the new idea based on the characters, theme, and plot to get game developers to work with idea of the story. Some games might had mash-up and all the sudden idea, leading the gamer to question or uninterested the imagination story they read about.

Is it a terrible plot or some misleading event that may shock you? Are you hate the game when you come across  unexpected plot story that you ended up with? Should the game need to brighten the story? If yes, how would game developer able to fresh up the idea? It’s your opinion to think about it. I find that it’s okay to brighten up the story from game as long as it is entertain to the viewers and gamers.


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