Game creativity can be a solution (Week 4)

Game creativity is one of the huge assets for game developer to think about what we create. Our creativity mind is the important role if we want to make a great game. However, I came across with an article about the game need to learned from the mistakes. Is that true? Or are they wrong? Here is the article of creativity section: 


What can be learned from mistakes in game design? This week the BBC published an interview with a former developer who survived one of the most infamous mistakes in games history, and Tom Francis examined how XCOM’s mistakes could be repaired.

“I’m not sure exactly what I was full of but whatever it was, I was overflowing with it.”

About the BBC news stated from ‘the worst video game in history’, Steven Spielberg create an Atari called ‘ET’ in his rush hour. However, it’s become very popular to the gamers. It was last until April 2014, where the game was thrown in New Mexico. He stated that he never believe he thought it was absurd.

According to the problem of ‘XCOM’, limited squad number, low profile missions and leveling system are the problems that gamers were complaining. So the question is, what is the problem  of this solution.

To my opinion, video games sometimes have a bit of mistake to certain players. How they feels of playing them? These are the responsible of people who feels what need to change? It’s clearly that developer needs to fix the solution of the game or they think it’s okay. Any people can respond about the game they develop and testing so that game developer can redo the game with better results.

We both are humans and making mistake is very common, including game developer. I agree what I read about it, so it’s not bad to say that game needs to change, after all, just a small fix will do.

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