My response about practice of game developer (Week 3)

Recently I come across one of the ‘Critical Distance’ blog post which talk about using software as tools and contexts for cultural practices. This blog mention how game developer create their own game from the references of other games to practice of creating it. What I most noticed is how game developer may be able to get idea by referencing and most games subject were basically refer with the same game mechanics. The ‘Workboots’ is one of my opinion that explain the following:


Stepping into the workshop, these interviews with creators help us to make sense of what best equips people to write about and design games effectively.

Pandemic‘s peculiar theme makes its success particularly fascinating. It seems counter intuitive that anyone would want to play a game about a world slowly turning yellow and black with infection. But such an assumption overlooks the fact that Pandemic is about saving the world from a disease outbreak – and that’s a crucial distinction.”

Personally, I feel that it was a good practice as game developer may learn more about the game mechanics. Adding new mechanics is own mind set to face the challenge for an interesting game we developed. As game developer, our ideas are limited but with the best guidance person that help shed light to work as a team to create a great game.

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