My response about criticism of game morality (Week 2)

About the blog post by Zoyander Street about the behavior of players, and the moral implications of game systems. Most players have a lot of blame, shame, and guilt around the whole time without understand what game really make them feel about it. He described about the game mechanics that didn’t improve well for the players as they thought every aspect for the game develop are to be blame and shame for the players, for example:

Following swiftly behind guilt is its best friend, shame. These pieces look at how the opinion of others shapes behaviour in games.

“[…] because Pokémon Go takes you out of your house to stalk the neighborhood in search of a wild Rhyhorn, it also means that players are gaming in public in a highly conspicuous way. This is very different from the smartphone games that function as something to do while waiting in line or in general insufficiently entertained by life. When I walk around the neighborhood with my smartphone in hand and then stand still for thirty seconds, flicking my finger on my screen, most people know perfectly well what I’m doing and that I’m relatively invested in it. And I’m pretty sure they’re judging me. “

If you ask me, it’s just an fun and entertainment for players to enjoy. There is nothing to blame or shame for the game development team. It’s the player attitude.

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