Opinion about player campaign gameplay of Battlefield Hardline.


Battlefield Hardline is one of the first person shooter, which involve of a single-player campaign and the multiplayer. One campaign is about the storyline of the drug case. Player plays as Nick Mendoza, the detective police trying to work with his partner Khai to solve the case of the criminals and find the true corrupt cop that spread the drug in the warehouse.

In my opinion, player were encourage to play role like a real-life police. Interact with different action, force the criminals to surrender unnoticed. By capture and arrest them, the player will reward the bonus points. However, by killing them with any weapon, the player won’t earn their reward but they can pick up the weapon they want, although in some scenario they obtain weapon in few situation. So whether is the reward or special weapon that holds throughout the campaign, player will continue to finish the campaign to see the complete story.

However, many Battlefield fans knew some gameplay mechanics, there were some notice details about Hardline, Marc Price explains about his mechanics opinion:

{Obviously, this is pretty powerful, damning stuff. Hardline does seem to do the minimal possible work to incentivize stealth play. It does feel like there’s another half of the mechanic and reward system missing, lost in a programmer’s recycle bin somewhere. It does feel like a cop out to have the game wave its hand cynically at these issues and say “all cops are bad.”}

Also, Austin Walker explains the role of the game:

{What separates this from previous Battlefield games is the introduction of a handful of mechanics meant to simulate the special motivations and techniques of policing. After all, in most cases, even TV police aren’t supposed to kill suspects. And given the context of this release, Visceral knew that they had to encourage players to be Good Cops.}

I think”All cops are bad” case were depend on the player situation throughout the gameplay, stealth play is one of the good mechanics to test the player patience as to surprise the criminal unnoticed and arrest them to earn their bonus points. In some case, most players did know that being surprise by the criminal will be “open fire” to the cops. Player are force to kill them with their weapon choice.

In other words, the role of the game is to be a good cops for less criminal died in the scene and stop the real bad cop. That why these reward system are good to encourage the player to test the player action as the progress goes further, that’s where situation get harder. I think Battlefield Hardline is the best choice for ‘Battlefield’ players who play this game. It depend on the player skills and techniques to complete the story with different results.

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