Major Project Progress Blog (Week 6)

Though my process of particles effect are harder as it may seems. It’s started to get me keep going on to finish my tasks for my teammates. Some particle effects are well done and look more realistic to the game we build.

During that time, we showcase our work in progress and sprint meeting, my lecturer discuss about tout content are based on the cartoon version. Though I did well done on mastering the particle effects, I still need to keep in mind on what content that the game need during our progress. In addition, we almost done with the game build setup, now it’s time for the play test. I did play test it before and noticed some other change like too slow to dodge the fast attack or even AI escape from the scene during wave encounter. It’s not just more of checking the bug fixes, but also get to know about the experience of the game.

We both have to test the game and still working on the game. Our work are almost done, now all that left is the few minor things like audio source and we are ready to go.

Major Project Progress Blog (Week 5)

Making Particles Effects are the new experience I have to try, it’s very fun to play once I get used to it. Now most of the particles effect can be very fit in our Chuck and Buck game. It’s fun to experiment it as well as to get to work with the particles effect. It’s a matter on what effects you want, how do make that kind of effects, and what way to make the particles effects great.

Although it’s a fun and awesome work, it not easy to make. Before that, I need to write down the list of how many particles effect for the game. More than 10 particles effect need to be done and some particles effects take long time to make. Doing a lot of research from the website and figure out how to create the particles effect. After finish some of them, I also have to discuss my team members on how it looks and whether it’s good or need to rework again to achieve what we need.

Through trail and error with the particles effects, I learn that not all particles effect can be made easily. By looking through the work that I done, I made a lot of effort to get our jobs done. We are almost complete the stuff that we need to finish for game. Only a few unfinished stuff that need to done before putting it together.

Major Project Progress Blog (Week 4)

My environment assets have almost been done and my team members are here to have a meeting as we discussed about the issue about the models. Earlier as mentioned from last week, I talk about the high amount of poly count of coins from the bag and the trees. We discuss about the solution of separate the models so that my team member can easy UV and duplicate as much as they want.

There is not much thing to be done, but I have to work with them as necessary. The last tip of the sprint is to design the UI sprite for the powerups. We initial thought that we can apply some particle effects on the UI, but the lecturer prefer that the sprite are the great choice. For these days, I try to research and find out how these animated UI sprite work as it’s necessary to apply in the game with few powerups when player grab it.

The initial drawing is very okay, but the fire buff is a bit blurry and the ice buff has some unbalanced number of  sprinkle. After discuss and receive with my team members, I try to redo the buffs sprite again.

The second try, it’s pretty good. Fire buff had a clearer look and the ice buff has the balance number of  sprinkle. That’s all for this week and next week sprint I will be working on the particle effects.

Major Project Progress Blog (Week 3)

Next sprint that I want to do is getting all the props and items models done. Most models like Bag of Chips, Road Cones are easy. Other may take longer time to create like Bushes, Crystal Skull and many more. However, some models take too much poly count since our game does not require too much poly for the environment assets.


Furthermore, while working on the school models, there are a lot of questions that I need to discuss with my team members. Should the flag need to be separate and make the flag move? During the discussion, we try to talk how much problem and concerned about our tasks to complete. In my case, most of the models had a lot of repeat shapes that use to combine into one object. It’s look fine, But it’s difficult for my team member to make a UV. So the suggestion, is to separate them, create one object, then make UV mapping before duplicate them, like the bag of coins or the tress.

From my previous tasks, I learn a lot from skills. Making environment assets are easy. But sometimes when it come to simple one, it can be a difficult or having problem even the models are finished. Understand that not all environment or props models are easy to make, some need to combine or having to reduce the amount of poly before export into the OBJ.

Major Project Progress Blog (Week 2)

Another week to continue my tasks, working on the environment assets. My next tasks for the modeling are the large buildings. Some are easy, some are made out of different component. Like in the previous week, I have to clean up the models for my team members to do their UV and paint in very easy.

However, during the modeling process. I need help from my lecturer and my friends when it come to cleaning up the models. Some models like fire station and destroyed buildings had a lot of triangular faces and may take more poly count. Also sometimes I have to discuss with my friends for some parts like windows when I refer from the concept art. They are willing to help give suggestions and help me complete the building models.

For the next tasks, I going to working on the remaining props models for our game project. Since roads and buildings are the top priority to allow us to arrange on our game levels, the remaining of the models assets are needed to be done before our next tasks.


Major Project Progress Blog (Week 1)

In my group with Harvey and Julianna as a team. My work for this sprint is to work on the environment models. Back when I design the environment art for our game project “Chuck and Buck”, I continue with my previous work and create model for the environment art.1

Mostly, I was assign to create the buildings models. I think it’s good for me to finish them. However, sometimes it may take a lot of time and since the environment models doesn’t need a lot of poly count and I ended up with a model that has too much poly count. Because our game doesn’t required too much quality for the environment. My lecturer and my teammates help me to solve the issue and figure out the way to make the environment better.


I learn that there are a lot of way of methods to create the models for buildings with less poly. I learn a few techniques from my team member. Sometimes I also have to ask my teammates when it come to environment since it’s a top down view game. We discuss each other as to some buildings model like house need some 3D details or just paint in to show the details.

So even some techniques I know for making and more question to ask about the buildings models. I still can get the job done. I still have to continue to work with my team in the next sprint.